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Proceedings of the IRGC meeting in Rostock, 2008 

The Proceedings of the meeting of the International Research Group on Charophytes (IRGC) in Rostock in October 2008 has been published and is now available for purchase (A$65 + A$10 P&H).


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Introduction: I. Blindow and H. Shubert

R. Marquardt and H. Schubert : Photosynthetic characterisation of Chara vulgaris in bioremediation ponds

C. Martín-Closas and D. Dilcher :Charophytes from the Upper Albian of Rose Creek, Nebraska, USA

M. Pełechaty, M. Gąbka, P. Sugier, A. Pukacz, S. Chmiel, H. Ciecierska, A. Kolada and P.M. Owsianny: Lychnothamnus barbatus in Poland: habitats and associations

P. Sugier, M. Pełechaty, M. Gąbka, P. M. Owsianny, A. Pukacz, H. Ciecierska, A. Kolada: Lychnothamnus barbatus: global history and distribution in Poland

Z. Sinkevičienė: Morphological variation in Lychnothamnus barbatus (Meyen) Leonh. in Lake Balsys (Lithuania)

J. Bruinsma: Distribution of charophytes in North Brabant, The Netherlands, 1986-2007

R. W. Scribalo and M.S. Alix: A checklist of North American Characeae

M.G. Boegle, S.C. Schneider, A. Melzer and H. Schubert: Distinguishing Chara baltica, C. horrida and C. liljebladii – conflicting results from analysis of morphology and genetics

I. Blindow and I. Erichsen: Cross-fertilisation within the Chara baltica species complex

S. Naz, H. Schubert and N.J. Diba Diversity of charophytes (Charales, Charophyta) in Bangladesh

R.E. Romanov and L.M. Kipriyanova: Charophyte species diversity and distribution on the south of the West-Siberian Plain

M. T. Casanova, S. Bradbury and K. Ough: Morphological variation in an Australian species of Lamprothamnium (Characeae, Charophyceae) in response to different salinities

Expert workshop transcript: Problematic species in Characeae


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